Recipes riff on ideas for gussying up what around

During the blizzard, I decided to use my electric candle warmer with a candle in a jar. The house was cold, and I was glad to have every possible source of heat in the living room. I have several candles in glass jars, but I ended up heating a candle in an open, square glass container, and when I went to turn it off as I went to bed, my sweater sleeve got soaked in wax.

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The diverse chapters in How to Eat Better for Less Money ( and First Courses, and for Entertaining Economically and Successfully are filled with advice that still surprisingly handy in 2020. Ingredients go from dry mustard and saffron to hot cheap jerseys dogs and cream cheese. Recipes riff on ideas for gussying up what around.

The drop in cancers should have been embarrassing to cancer researchers and public health officials. A major cause of cancer was right in front of their eyes in the form of prescription drugs. Anyone taking a statistics 101 course could have seen it but the love affair between mainstream medicine, mainstream media and Pharma occluded the obvious correlation..

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