During the ride there, I often practiced looking normal because it seemed like an audition for adulthood in the real world. I synchronized my footsteps with the people who shuffled off the BART train, hastily climbed up the escalator and for a moment, even pretended like I had somewhere to go or someone to meet. But of course, I never did..

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In the appalling exploitation of his corpse, Tillman was said to have died while protecting his comrades from a Taliban ambush; the bullets that felled him, however, came from his own platoon. Military culture. Bar Lev’s film feigns no pretense of “neutrality.” The Tillman Story exposes a system of arrogance and duplicity that no WikiLeak could ever fully capture.Although all members of Tillman’s immediate family and his widow, Marie, are powerful, riveting talking heads, his mother, Mary, emerges as the tireless moral compass.

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