He was named a Final Vote candidate for the All Star

It has been a season of uncharacteristic struggles for quarterback Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. There have been times when Brady has looked old and creaky and when the Patriots have appeared unusually vulnerable because of an offense failing to do its part. But for an 11th straight season, Brady and the Patriots are champions of the AFC East..

For now, all those teams with new quarterbacks can envision https://www.brandsonsalemall.us Pro Bowl seasons and Super Bowl titles. In truth, there are only so many Pro Bowl spots and championship trophies to go around. But in this unusual offseason of quarterback availability, all that counts at this point is being able to dream big..

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Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson are the consensus picks to be the best passers of 2020. Yet not everyone will have a chance to draft them. If you miss out on one of them, or if they’re taken earlier than expected, don’t panic and start a run on the position.

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„Absolutely,” said veteran center Nicklas Backstrom, who returned to the lineup for Game 5 after missing three straight with a concussion. „Every year, I think we have a goal to reach the playoffs, and anything can happen there. You just have to look back to 2018.

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