It’s a place to begin. It’s not a rule. Considering that many couples have kids at home, whether or not they do, 10 years of current income allows a surviving spouse plenty of time to recover from the emotional set back and make plans to carry on. Built on a 384 foot barge, I Lift NY has no navigational power of its own. The lifting power for the giant floating crane comes from three diesel powered 601 kW (806 hp) main generators and one 91 kW (122 hp) auxiliary generator, which are incorporated into the barge. Traveling about 50 miles off the coast throughout its journey, the floating crane and its accompanying tugs headed south along California, Mexico and Central America, before beginning transit through the Panama Canal on January 15..

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Set WeatherIt was 77 degrees and cloudy at noon on Friday in the Lehigh Valley and Warren County. Not the best of summer weather, but no one would ever call it brutal.The temperature will climb into the 90s on Saturday, but the air still will be rather dry, the National Weather Service said.But come Sunday, it will be „quite oppressive”, EPAWA Weather Consulting meteorologist Bobby Martrich said in his Friday morning forecast video.A high of 96, with a heat index what it feels like north of 100, the weather service said. Repeat come Monday, which could be the worst of the five straight days in the 90s.

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